Business Model You® Certified Practitioner Training Program: Online Edition

If you have been struck by the power and effectiveness of the Business Model You® method in your own life—and are thinking of using it to help colleagues or clients—consider becoming a Certified Practitioner.

In seven immersive online training sessions, you will master the methodology as taught by its founder, and learn to apply it in your own professional practice. What’s more, you will enjoy powerful feedback from like-minded colleagues working in a range of industries, giving you additional insights into how you can use the method both within organizations and as an independent professional.

Participants who complete the training are awarded Certified Business Model You® Practitioner certificates testifying to their expertise and commitment to the methodology.

  • Seven live, remote training sessions over four weeks, every Monday and Thursday, led directly by Business Model You author Dr. Timothy Clark
  • Live collaboration tools and breakout rooms enable close interaction with your peers and the facilitator
  • Hands-on practice of remote learning, coaching, and consulting methods within a small, intimate group
  • Rigorous between-session assignments and completion requirements

Training Calendar

January 11—February 4, 2021

Americas/Europe/Africa Daytime Timezones Course
UTC 16:00-18:00 Mondays and Thursdays (except for Monday only during Week 1)
January 11, 18, 21, 25, 28, and February 1 and 4, 2021 SOLD OUT

November 16—December 3, 2020

Master Coaching Practicum Using Modeling Tools
UTC 16:00-18:00 Mondays and Thursdays November 16, 19, 23, 26, 30, and December 3, 2020 SOLD OUT

October 5—October 29, 2020

Asia/Pacific Daytime Timezones Course
UTC 1:00-3:00 Mondays and Thursdays (except for Monday only during Week 1)
October 5, 12, 15, 19, 22, 26, and 29, 2020 SOLD OUT

September 7—October 1, 2020

Americas/Europe/Africa Daytime Timezones Course
UTC 16:00-18:00 Mondays and Thursdays (except for Monday only during Week 1)
September 7, 14, 17, 21, 24, 28, and October 1, 2020  SOLD OUT

What Participants Say

To learn more, read what other participants say, or click on the bold-text questions that follow:

The course requires approximately ten hours of pre-work, plus 4-5 hours of preparation/submission between each subsequent live session. Material is not “delivered” during the live sessions; rather, we use a ”flipped classroom” model whereby participants self-study/prepare first, then focus on practicing new skills during the live sessions.

The training depends heavily on experience-sharing and peer coaching, so strong English-language conversation skills are essential. Prospective participants should also have at least 1) five years of progressively responsible full-time work experience, 2) experience supervising, leading, coaching, counseling, or consulting with others regarding work-related issues, and 3) enthusiasm for and basic familiarity with the Business Model You® methodology. This familiarity can be readily gained by reading the book and doing the course pre-work.

You do not have to be a highly experienced facilitator or charismatic speaker to successfully deliver services using the Business Model You® methodology. The basic workshop method is designed around peer and group work and is logically structured to provide a powerful, engaging experience for all learners. The training itself is an ideal forum for observing, emulating, and practicing good facilitation, training, and coaching techniques, particularly in the online format.

Please keep in mind that participation in the Certified Practitioner course requires a significant time commitment, including off-line assignments, and because the course is designed to maximize practice time for everyone by keeping the number of participants as a multiple of three, withdrawing from the course significantly impacts other participants. Therefore please double-check the course requirements and time commitments before registering.

The first cohorts for the online Certified Practitioner Training will receive a special discounted rate of U.S. $975 in return for providing significant post-training feedback on these initial online sessions. Training fees for subsequent cohorts may be comparable to current in-person training fees.


No. There are no recurring or annual fees, and no charge for certification other than the training itself. Any additional training or materials are offered on a pay-as-you-go basis. A listing in the Business Model You® Certified Practitioner directory costs U.S. $45 per year.

See this comprehensive overview of the in-person Certified Practitioner Training. The online version of the training covers the same experiential training over seven two-hour live online (synchronous) sessions with the facilitator and all participants present. Three to five hours of homework is required between each live online session, so participants must be committed to a rigorous preparation schedule. In addition, participants must be committed to spending between six and 10 hours in pre-work before the live sessions begin. Please enroll only if you can commit at this level: the effectiveness of the training depends on colleagues preparing thoroughly so they can contribute to our collective learning. Attendance at all sessions and completion and submission of all offline assignments is required to pass the course.

All Certified Practitioners receive an 82-page, full-color Facilitator Guide in PDF format. This guide contains a complete, 25-page scenario describing a full-day Business Model You® end-user workshop in detail, including all exercises, learning points, materials needed, suggested timings, and notes on delivery. In addition, all Certified Practitioners receive the complete set of digital slides used for end-user portions of the training. Together the Facilitator Guide and slides enable new Certified Practitioners to immediately deliver powerful and effective Business Model You® trainings anywhere from 90 minutes to a full day in length.

Yes. We maintain an online directory of Certified Practitioners searchable by geographic location, language spoken, and other variables. All Certified Practitioners are eligible to create listings in the directory. The fee is $45 per year.

Business Model You, LLC does not require that Certified Practitioners pay a percentage of revenues nor does it mediate practitioner engagements in any way, unless it is to recommend someone to a client with special functional or language expertise (at no charge).  Please keep in mind that Business Model You® is not a franchise or a standalone business system. It is a toolkit for professionals who want to extend their competencies into workplace-related training, consulting, or coaching. Many users already have strong personal brands, though quite a few find the Certified Practitioner training very helpful for sharpening or focusing their professional identities.

All registrants will receive a prompt 100% refund if the training is canceled due to unavoidable external circumstance or at the instructor’s discretion. If you cancel at your discretion up to one month before the training, 50% of your training fee will be refunded. After that date we cannot refund fees for discretionary cancellations, but at any time you may designate someone else to attend the training in your place. Under no conditions will refunds be granted once you have been granted access to the proprietary materials in the Training Portal.

We sometimes offer scholarships to serious, deserving applicants who are committed to 1) doing the hard work necessary to successfully complete the course, and 2) actively contributing to their colleagues’s collective learning. If you are interested in applying, please simply respond by e-mail to the following questions. Our evaluation will be based solely on the thoughtfulness and completeness of your responses. Before applying, be aware that registrations awarded via scholarship are nonrefundable.

1. The Certified Practitioner course depends heavily on experience-sharing and peer coaching. Describe some of your personal and professional experiences that you believe will help your colleagues learn. You are welcome to paste CV or bio text into the body of your email response (no attachments please).

2. The course requires approximately ten hours of pre-work, plus 4-5 hours of preparation/submission between each subsequent live session. Material is not “delivered” during the live sessions; rather, we use a ”flipped classroom” model whereby participants self-study/prepare first, then focus on practicing the new skills during the live sessions. Please describe your ability and commitment to handling this workload.

3. If you are a teacher, please provide the name of the school where you teach and your job title, plus website evidence of a bona fide teaching position. If you are not a teacher, please provide a link to your employer or a career related website such as LinkedIn.

4. Describe any experience you have with the Business Model You® method.

5. Years of teaching and training have taught us that learners who pay nothing are far less likely to value instruction or contribute to a group’s collective learning. We therefore do not offer 100% free tuition. Please tell us how much you are willing to pay to participate in the course, even if this is a nominal amount.

Business Model Youth, LLC has developed a high school career curriculum called YouX which is based on the Business Model You® methodology. If you are a public or private school employee with two years of full-time teaching, facilitating, or administrative experience, undergoing the Business Model You® Certified Practitioner training automatically grants you Certified YouX Practitioner status.

Strengthen Your Teams with Expertly Designed & Facilitated Training in a Private Online Environment

Leaders recognize that organizational problems often result from teamwork problems. Yet most team interventions focus on trust-building, leadership training, or interpersonal skill-building. They ignore the foundation of an effective team: a clear model that clearly and visually depicts how the team works and what each team member’s role is.

What’s more, expensive individual interventions fail to provide opportunities for teams to actually practice—together as a team—helpful new team behaviors.

That’s why we created a secure, private training portal—where team members can master business or service modeling basics through self-study, then meet online in real time to re-craft and harmonize their team models—all under the guidance of expert facilitators.

Once registered in the private portal, team members quickly self-study to learn modeling basics and acquire a common vocabulary that dramatically improves interactions with colleagues.

Next, team members and leaders meet in real time, where an expert facilitator helps them redefine and harmonize their team models. The facilitated virtual environment dramatically reduces the influence of politics and personalities, while gently requiring team members to define team operations—and assume responsibility for team success.

This powerful method has proven effective in settings as diverse as financial services, healthcare, and information technology. Custom and semi-customized engagements, designed and facilitated directly by the authors of Business Models for Teams and Business Model You, are now available in a powerful combination of self-study and live online sessions.

Read what participants say about Business Models for Teams training, or take a quick, behind-the-scenes video tour:

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