Master Coaching Practicum Using Modeling Tools


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Master Coaching Practicum Using Modeling Tools
November 16, 19, 23, 26, 30, and December 3, 2020, plus two private consultations with Master Coach Bruce Hazen
9AM—11AM Pacific Daylight Time, Mondays and Thursdays (London time 17:00, Nairobi time 20:00).

Dramatically boost your personal model-based coaching skills during this intensive eight-session practicum led by master coach Bruce Hazen, with co-facilitation by Business Model You® creator Tim Clark.

Whether you work independently as an coach, consultant, or trainer, or within an organization as a team leader or human resources professional, you will take your coaching and mentoring skills to a new level under the direct supervision of Bruce Hazen, co-creator of Business Model You® and author of Business Models for Teams and Answering the Three Career Questions.

These eight immersive sessions are designed to extend and enhance the Business Model You® Certified Practitioner training. They include two private one-on-one sessions with master coach Bruce Hazen. Key topics are:

1.  A powerful framework for planning and executing extended coaching engagements

2.  Drawing provocative insights from specific personal model building blocks

3.  Using “professional identity” as a guiding force in work modeling and career development

The six Monday/Thursday practicum sessions will be followed by private consultations (Sessions 7 and 8) to be arranged individually with Bruce Hazen. The private consultations will start from December 4.

Here is a brief practicum summary:

Session 1:  Group Session led by Bruce
We will practice using two tools that help you assess, frame, and guide your work as a coach: specifically your work with career or performance coaching. You will coach a colleague using their personal model and their most compelling career question at the moment.

Session 2:  Peer Session with Practicum Partner (Practicum Partners to be assigned during Session 1)
You will a) discuss with your Practicum Partner the current stage of your client coaching engagement, and 2) explore ideas for how you will continue to develop as a coach following completion of this Practicum.

Session 3:  Group Session led by Bruce
We will examine how Professional Identity aids career decision-making and the search for meaningful work. You will create a concise definition of your own professional identity and share it with colleagues. Unique role descriptors will then be offered to help you expand your own clients’ capacity for provocative self-description within their personal models. Finally, you will practice planning coaching strategies for two different clients.

Session 4:  Peer Session with Practicum Partner
You and your Practicum Partner will describe to each other the cognitive, emotional, and behavioral coaching challenges you face with your current clients, then practice developing creative role descriptions for each of your respective clients. In your client meeting, practice developing creative Roles/Relationships descriptions with your client.

Session 5:  Group Session led by Bruce
We will practice using The Three Questions model as one method for dealing with coaching “dead-ends” and “roundabouts.” A “tag team” role-play exercise offers intensive and enlightening practice coaching an entrepreneurial client who has fallen in love with a particular business model.

Session 6:  Peer Session with Practicum Partner
You and your Practicum Partner will explain your respective client coaching engagements to each other in terms of The Three Questions model. Is there a “skyle” issues to address? Get next steps suggestions from your Partner. Finally, prepare for your private consultation with Bruce Hazen by sharing your goals for the consultations and offering each other support, suggestions, and clarifications.

Session 7:  One-on-One Consultation with Bruce Hazen (to be arranged individually by each participant).
This is your opportunity to explore your work with a particular client, blockages and opportunities in your personal coaching development, and any other questions about developing your coaching practice. Individual assignments given as needed.

Session 8:  One-on-One Consultation with Bruce Hazen
Continues from Session 7 and follows up with individual assignments to conclude the Master Coaching Practicum.

Every registrant will receive a free digital copy of Bruce’s Answering the Three Career Questions, plus the following tools used throughout the practicum:

  • The Coaching Grid
  • Roles and Relationships Table
  • Valuable Work Detector
  • Professional Identity Exercise

The Master Coaching Practicum follows a “flipped classroom” model whereby participants self-study/prepare first, then focus on practicing new skills during the live sessions. This is far more effective than the traditional classroom approach whereby learners are expected to receive, understand (and occasionally apply) new concepts all in the same session. Our flipped classroom model requires more dedication and commitment on the part of participants—and the results show!

Participation in the Master Coaching Practicum requires either completion of the Business Model You® Certified Practitioner Training or prior coaching experience and significant modeling work using the Business Model Canvas.

About the Facilitator
Bruce Blackstone Hazen is a career and management coach who has guided leaders and their team members for over 20 years using his Three Career Questions methodology. His philosophy is clear: 1) finding the right work progresses to leading in that work, and 2) work gets done by teams. Prior to becoming a master coach, he held senior human resource roles in a number of technology, healthcare, and service enterprises. Bruce earned undergraduate and advanced degrees in Industrial and Labor Relations and Clinical Psychology, and is the author of Business Models for Teams and Answering the Three Career Questions.