What Learners Say

The training materials are amazing and the flipped classroom organization is very effective. The videos are very good: engaging, straight to the point, clear, and complete. I am a professional trainer and this course is almost perfect—a totally positive experience!
Eleonora Saladino, Positive Psychologist, Neuromanager, Sales and Negotiations Trainer, Italy
Certified Practitioner training participant 2023


The live sessions were wonderful and the time flew by. The two-hour timeframe allowed us to get into flow with the material but not be intrusive on work schedules. I really loved that the overall group was small and the breakout groups were intimate. It gave me sufficient opportunity to support others and be supported.

Loved having the opportunity to get my head wrapped around the content we would be addressing in the live session through the simple pre-work. It allowed me to identify any areas I wanted further guidance on.

The off-line assignments were great because they were applicable. It didn’t mean they were necessarily easy. I always felt they were a good use of my time.

Thank you for one of the most inspiring, challenging, and fulfilling learning experiences in the past few years for me. You are an outstanding educator, collaborator, and champion of growth and possibility through experiential learning. It was an honor learning from and being mentored by you.
Sharon Weinberg, Leadership and Business Coach, San Francisco Bay Area

With the help of your tools I recently arrived at the ‘dream job’ that I had manifested for 13 years. I just started as a Development Director at Electronic Arts (EA).
Al Sinoy, Electronic Arts

“By far the best online course I have ever taken. I am so glad to have joined this cohort—it was well worth the sacrifice of my “beauty” sleep! Enjoying myself immensely and learning a lot from my colleagues. Thank you very much!”
Isabella Tan, Singapore
Innovation Advisor, formerly Vice-President and General Manager of Brands for Suntory Asia




Australia-based Janine Scott describes how the Certified Practitioner training helped her as she transitions from senior corporate roles to consulting and coaching.


“Words cannot express enough my gratitude for the experiential learning you provided. You and my training colleagues empowered the entrepreneur in me: believe it or not, things started to move right after the first training session. I started to pay attention to where it was needed and found the strength to overcome challenges that a career transition during a pandemic had brought. I wanted more confidence as an entrepreneur, but I ended up as a more confident professional and practitioner of my previous methodologies and tools as a systemic facilitator. Business Model You is truly a living framework with life-changing potential.”
Vânia Magalhães, Systemic Facilitator, Portugal 2021 Certified Practitioner



Business consultant and coach Julia Sammann describes her experience with the online version of the Certified Practitioner training.

“The training enabled me to develop a hybrid approach to mentoring startups by integrating personal models with team coaching principles. Fabulous!”
Vasanth Kumar, Startup Coach/Mentor and former Managing Director of Transnational Retail Chain

“Our world had been turned upside down, but team modeling enabled us to collaboratively pivot at a crisis point.”
Senior executive, financial services firm with 3,000 employees worldwide

Executive coach and former attorney Mark Smith describes his experience with the online version of the Certified Practitioner training.

“The technology was nearly flawless; it hardly felt like an online experience at all. I felt like I was interacting with people in a classroom.”
David Park, Pastor and Bridge-Builder, Online Certified Practitioner cohort

“I learned more about strategy during the first two hours of the Business Model You® sessions than I did in two full days of expensive ‘strategy training’ in Paris.”
Pavel Novák, Negotiation Trainer, Czech Republic

“The facilitator guide for Certified Practitioners is invaluable.”
Jane Leonard, Career Coach, UK

width="150"“Highly recommended course, a very positive experience.”
Presentation Superhero author Ron Cahoon, May 2020 Online Cohort

Business broker Bob Fariss describes the online version of the Certified Practitioner training program.


“The Certified Practitioner class was absolutely worthwhile! The methodology will help newly formed internal teams on their journeys to defining their value propositions to the company.”
Ute Amberger, 
Senior HR Specialist, BASF (112,000 employees)

Dr. Ernst Zwick comments on the Certified Practitioner training program.

“Very strong, condensed training (no blah-blah-blah)! The methodology helps me quickly identify, test, and revise unclear value propositions or missing prerequisites for their provision. Now I can better support employees and teams at thyssenkrupp.”
Dr. Christoph Schindler, Senior Health Expert
, Occupational Safety and Health thyssenkrupp AG (161,000 employees)

“The online course lets me bring my whole self to work. It’s a wonderful feeling.”
Hera Wang, June 2020 Online Certified Practitioner Cohort

“Dogs are welcome in the online training, but they must remain on-leash. And no barking allowed.”
Tim Clark, Lead Facilitator

“The Practitioner training brimmed with energy, refreshing approaches, and inspiring insights. Thanks to top-notch colleagues from around the globe for all the enriching exchanges. Looking forward to translating the learnings into a powerful value proposition for colleagues and customers in search of a fresh perspective on professional progress.”
Carl Lepoutre, Certified Change Manager, BNP Paribas Fortis (202,000 employees)

“Great! The tool is very practical and the training gave me an opportunity to learn methods that I will use to help people to re-define their careers. But apart from that I found it extremely useful to try on myself – and I left the training with very concrete ideas for action and improvements.”
Monika Schwertner, HR Business Partner for CEE/Talent Manager for EMEA, Houghton International (8,700 employees)

“Business Model You is an incredible book. It has changed my own life as well as those of my clients.”
Mary Anne Shew, Small Business Consultant, Rochester, New York

“I love Business Model You because it gives clarity, focus, and direction — all on one page, with a proven, step-by-step method based on the building blocks of business itself. It’s simple, fast, and effective. The visual aspect is fun and engaging. And, yes — it works!”
Bryan Lubic, Professional Development Advisor San Diego State University

“We were skeptical at first, but after reading Business Model You and attending Tim’s workshop in Amsterdam, we’re convinced that this methodology should replace the outdated career development models that fail to inspire most university students.”
Frans Kaiser, Rutger-Jan Gelink, and Remy Leeflang, Class of 2014, Bachelor of Business Administration, Saxion University of Applied Sciences

“Business Model You is the ultimate self-coaching method, but to ensure follow-through, I recommend a workshop with the author. The results are remarkable.”
Kaori Okubo, Japan

“Thank you for writing Business Model You, it changed my life. I was a sad chemical engineer. Now I’m a happy consultant!”
Gustavo Marques Couto, Brazil

“You are one badass prof. Your honest, direct feedback is the best I’ve ever received.”
Nat Parker, CEO, GlobeSherpa, former MIM student, USA

“Being a part of the [BMY] community had a profound effect on me.”
Bob Farris, Certified Practitioner, entrepreneur/business broker, USA

“You are the reason why I decided to study abroad.”
Hajime Kuwayama, Waseda University exchange student, Class of 2010, reader of Saying Yes to Japan

“… the most exciting course so far during my MBA. This class is the reason I decided to pursue my studies.”
Marcia Kapustin, entrepreneur/MBA Class of 2009, Portland State University